Let’s define counterfeiting

“Exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud”

Let us plunge into the simple definition. It is duplication of something (it can be a consumer product, certificates etc,.) which is valuable with the intention either to spoil once reputation in the market or to make a profit with fake products or even both.

According to International Chamber of Commerce, 1.77 Trillion Counterfeit Goods Sold in 2016.

A few things that are affected in our society by counterfeiters are Food, Electronic & Electrical Goods, Medicines, Agro products, Certificates, etc.


ACVISS is a twenty-first-century tech to fight against fake products in the market. It ties in newest technological advancements such as Machine learning, Computer vision, Augmented reality and much more keeping interface simple and clean to provide an effective & secure way to counter counterfeiting.

Their tagline goes like this, “Every label as unique as your DNA”. This tagline allured me and grabbed my eyeballs towards this fascinating idea. Which landed me in Acviss. I felt that I was in the right place at the right time. I applied to Acviss and my avidity towards the idea made me the perfect choice for the company as well. It’s been more than a year and the way the company is growing technologically is unbelievable.

The company proudly says “Acviss is a multi-layered patented technology which provides true protection against counterfeiting”, and it does what it says.

We know that big brands/companies in the market use holograms to fight duplication and counterfeiting, but the consumer of that particular company had no way to verify those holograms.

So here comes Acviss, a randomly generated always unique fingerprint printed as a 2d codes viz Data matrix, QR code, etc., and a natural entropy-based irreproducible pattern ingrained in the tamper-proof label. Acviss easily blends with product packaging/certificates or anything that is duplicated by pretenders. Once applied all essential components of the Acviss are completely verified using smart and secure technology. The product is classified as genuine, once all the elements in the label are analyzed making it completely impractical for a plagiarist to copy.

Interesting fact about Acviss

Losing the brand’s reputation with crawling fake products in the market creates a lot of fear for brand owners. Acviss serves a wonderful platform for brand owners here. When a counterfeit is detected, the brand owner is informed immediately, thus enabling him to take the necessary steps against that fraudster.

I feel proud to work for such a company, which is concentrating on solving a social problem. It is nowhere lagging behind and for sure soon every corner of this world will use ACVISS to verify a product and make this world fake free.

To know more reach out: hello@acviss.com

Recognition :https://www.outlookbusiness.com/enterprise/big-idea/anti-counterfeiting-squad-3834