Brands should embrace product traceability to increase customer loyalty

The electrical industry faces a critical challenge: building trust and long-term customer loyalty. Customers today demand transparency, accountability and assurance of safety and quality in the products they purchase. This is especially true for electrical components, where reliability directly impacts lives and livelihoods. However, over 63% of companies do not use technology to monitor their supply chain for weakness, which questions the sanctity of their product life cycle.

Customers seek more profound connections with brands prioritising ethical sourcing, responsible manufacturing practices and a commitment to product safety. This begs the question: Can electrical companies differentiate themselves and build lasting customer loyalty with supply chain traceability?

What is Traceability and Why Does it Matter?

Supply chain Traceability allows brands to track every step of a product's lifecycle. For electrical products, knowing the origin of materials ensures ethical sourcing practices and avoids using conflict minerals, thus enabling sustainability. Tracking production steps also helps identify potential flaws and facilitates targeted quality control. Monitoring product movement minimises counterfeiting risks and ensures the timely delivery. Another benefit is that traceability simplifies recall procedures and enables targeted maintenance plans.

How Can Traceability Boost Customer Loyalty

Customers increasingly seek information about the products they purchase. In the last 5 years, there has been a 71% increase in the searches for sustainable goods, citing the rising need for eco-friendly products. Product traceability allows companies to provide detailed product histories, building trust and demonstrating commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing. Siemens employs digital tools to track components used in power plants, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime for their customers.

This allows brands to:

  • Improve Quality and Safety: Pinpointing potential issues during production and distribution helps ensure products meet rigorous safety standards.
  • Faster Response Times: When product issues arise, traceability allows for quicker identification and targeted recalls.
  • Streamlined After-Sales Service: Traceability facilitates access to product information like manuals and warranty details, which can be further verified using solutions like Assist by Acviss enabling customers to make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.
  • Sustainability Credentials: Companies can showcase responsible sourcing and potentially lower carbon footprints, attracting eco-conscious customers using Schneider Electric offering customers detailed product information and transparent supply chain practices and building trust and reputation.

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Building a Culture of Traceability

Implementing a traceability solution is easier said than done. To get efficient outcomes, requires better planning, strong strategy and a nourished culture of brand protection. But how to build a culture that can get you results?

Start with integrating robust supply chain tracking systems. Origin by Acviss allows you to incorporate non-clonable QR labels into the product and packaging, powered by blockchain technology allows for seamless data collection and secure storage. Partnering with suppliers who prioritize traceability ensures consistent data across the supply chain. A data management system is crucial for storing and analyzing traceability data effectively. However, the most important step is to build internal communication channels and develop customer-facing tools to communicate traceability practices to foster trust and engagement.

Benefits Beyond Loyalty

A well-defined supply chain traceability system offers additional advantages for your brand. It reduces costs by improving quality control and targeted recalls that minimize product defects and associated replacement costs. Plus you will be able to differentiate in a competitive market by showcasing a commitment to quality and responsible practices.

Implement loyalty programs to retain customers and improve repeat business

Supercharging Customer Experience Through Loyalty Programs

Loyalty management programs, when strategically implemented alongside traceability, further elevate the customer experience. Having a loyalty management program like Bonus by Acviss combined with the traceability solution creates a powerful customer-centric ecosystem.

The programs incentivize repeat purchases by offering points or exclusive deals for members. This encourages customers to stay engaged with the brand. Over 83% of customers choose brands with loyalty programs over their competitors.

The added benefit is that it allows companies to collect data on customer preferences and purchase history. This data can be used to personalize communication and promotions, making customers feel valued and understood.

Other methods include offering members exclusive benefits like early access to new products, special discounts or priority service can create a sense of exclusivity and incentivize continued loyalty.

Most importantly loyalty programs foster a sense of community by connecting customers with similar interests. This can be achieved through online forums, member events or exclusive content.

To Build the Customers of the Future!

65% of a business’s revenue comes from repeat business. Traceability builds trust and peace of mind, while loyalty programs improve repeat business and foster a sense of community. This combination creates a win-win situation, where customers feel valued and companies enjoy the benefits of long-term customer loyalty. As technology improves and consumer expectations rise, companies that embrace traceability will be well-positioned to build strong customer relationships, fostering loyalty and trust in an increasingly competitive market.

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