Fake products that can kill you

Fakes can change your fate!

While shopping online what influences you the most, the brand name or the price it holds? If you’re like most millennials who spend a ton of time browsing the internet for interesting things to buy, you would know that most big brand names come with a huge price tag. But there will also be cases where the prices seem at an all-time low. Don’t fall for it.  Even if it seems like everything under the sun is being sold online these days, doesn't mean they're all good deals. You might end up spending more than you should just because it’s there. 

Being wary while purchasing products online is now an ideal quality a buyer must possess. And don’t worry, we are here to give you every piece of information that you need to know to stay away from counterfeits. So let’s move on.

Top 5 fake products sold online that can kill you

automobile engine

1. Automobile parts

Automobiles are some of the most dangerous products to buy online and for good reason. They’re complex, expensive machines and parts are highly susceptible to fraud. That’s why automobile parts are considered high-risk products. The estimated value of global counterfeit automotive parts was around $45 billion in 2022. While you definitely shouldn’t buy parts from any random website, you have to be extremely careful when buying from well-known and reputable sites. That’s because there are plenty of fake reviews floating around for these products. If you see any overly positive ones and nothing that looks genuine, then that’s a big red flag. Any website that has the word “auto” in its name is likely selling fake auto parts. That goes for sites like “buynowauto.com”, “buyautomall.com”, and “buyauto.com”. Also be wary of sites that look too good to be true, because they often are. For example, a site that has too many reviews or a very convincing design could be a sign that it’s selling fake products.

Beauty products

2. Beauty products

The cosmetics industry does not need an introduction. There has always been an audience for such products without gender, age or demographic differences. And online platforms have become the new go-to shop for customers to order their favourite brands. But this open marketplace has now turned into a bane for the brands. Fake cosmetics that don’t meet the safety requirements have taken the spotlight and become people's favourites. The surprising offers, overly flashy product features and prices that can be half or lower than major brands have become the factors which people fall for.  

One out of four families who use beauty products in India is having allergic reactions. Extreme use of lethal substances like mercury, chromium and nickel has been found the reason for it. Cosmetic products go directly into the skin which increases the possibility of getting skin cancer or even worse death. 

Baby products

3. Baby products

Can you believe the counterfeiters have not even left products for babies? Yes, it's true, you can find fake baby food, toys and dresses in plenty. Kids brands have seen a 52% increase in their fake counterparts ever since the online marketplace became popular. The biggest threat caused by substandard toys is that they easily fall apart and kids swallow the small parts that come off endangering their life.

Fake baby formula that is available online does not follow the nutrition level or the manufacturing process. Children being affected by fake baby formula has been on the news for decades, the latest being the death of infants in China. So it is justifiable why one must be cautious while buying products for their children. 


4. Electronics

Everyone dreams of buying the latest iPhone but the only thing that pulls back most of them is its price tag. But did you know that Apple is the most counterfeited electronic company in the world? The reason is the fake version can be bought at an even lower price.

Counterfeit electronic parts are one of the most dangerous products that can be bought online. It can endanger more than one life at a time and the problem is it is very hard to identify its true nature unless you use it. Around $1 trillion worth of counterfeit electronic parts are being sold over the globe every year. From mobile chargers and light bulbs to car batteries and refrigerators you can find fakes for everything, which makes the problem even worse. With online transactions and dark web trades peaking, there is no way one could avoid these fakes unless you have a great eye to differentiate. 


5. Medicines

India has witnessed a 47% jump in the sale of counterfeit medicine in 2021. Combining this with the fact that India is the world’s largest producer of generic medicines makes the problem even more serious. The closed borders and restrictions in the supply chain during the pandemic have opened up a new avenue for counterfeiters. Fake, low-quality face masks, sanitisers and PPE kits plagued the online market during the period and ever since the trend went higher. The disability of an ordinary customer to differentiate between an original and a fake drug has turned out to be the biggest advantage for scammers. Although the government authorities and major e-commerce platforms have placed strict regulations on the sale of counterfeit medicines, counterfeiters still seem to find ways to counter the moves. 

The new wave of coronavirus in China saw the rise of counterfeiters again. As the drug shortage has hit China, online platforms had been selling fake drugs which are manufactured in India. People who are unaware of the fatalities buy them as a form of relief rather than true medication.

Fatal products

To be fair, buying products online is easy. It is a comfort to shop while resting on your couch. But these facts and figures should make you keep an extra eye open. Still, it is difficult to keep track of everything. That is why we at Acviss offer a one-stop solution for all of your counterfeit worries. So you can buy your favourite brand without fretting about the fake market.