Empowering the Coffee Industry Enhancing Traceability with Acviss Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of coffee authentication and growth, where Acviss pioneers innovative solutions to safeguard the authenticity of every coffee bean. With a dedication to eradicating counterfeit products, Acviss introduces cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain systems and machine learning tools, to revolutionize the coffee industry.

The Future of Coffee Authentication and Growth

Acviss stands as a beacon of authenticity in a world plagued by counterfeiters, offering comprehensive solutions to protect both brands and consumers. Our journey began with a commitment to creating a fake-proof world, where every product tells its story of authenticity, sustainable practices, process, and growers.

Products Protected

  • 2 Billion Total products safeguarded
  • 80+ Brands Across various verticals
  • 22% Average Year-over-Year growth

The Plight of Indian Coffee Farmers

In India, the coffee industry serves as a vital source of income for millions of families, yet it faces numerous challenges:

  • Small-scale farmers: Over 60% of coffee production is by small-scale farmers, who struggle with unstable incomes due to fluctuating market prices.
  • Counterfeiting: Cheap, counterfeit coffee threatens the market, leading to mislabelling and false claims, undermining authentic producers.
  • Transparency: Lack of transparency in the supply chain hinders farmers from receiving fair compensation for their products.

Acviss Strategy Implemented

To combat the numerous challenges faced by coffee farmers and ensure the authenticity of coffee products, Acviss has developed and implemented a range of robust strategies. These strategies are designed to protect the integrity of the coffee supply chain, safeguard the livelihoods of farmers, and enhance consumer trust in authentic products. Below, we explore these strategies in detail

  • Certify Non-Clonable Labels
    Certify forms the cornerstone of Acviss's approach to product authentication. The Certify solution utilizes unique, non-clonable labels that act as digital certificates for coffee products. These labels are embedded with secure, tamper-proof codes that consumers can easily scan using their smartphones to verify the authenticity of the product. This straightforward verification process helps to build trust and confidence among consumers, ensuring that they are purchasing genuine coffee.
  • Origin Blockchain Technology
    ​Acviss integrates blockchain technology through its Origin solution. Blockchain offers an immutable and transparent ledger that records every transaction and movement of the coffee product from the farm to the consumer. This technology ensures that all information related to the product's journey is securely stored and cannot be altered or tampered with. By combining non-clonable labels with blockchain, Acviss creates a robust defence against counterfeiting, ensuring that each coffee product's history and authenticity can be independently verified.
  • Dynamic Solutions
    The coffee industry is dynamic, with new threats and challenges emerging constantly. To stay ahead of these evolving threats, Acviss employs a suite of dynamic solutions designed to be flexible and adaptive. These solutions integrate cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to continuously monitor and analyze the digital landscape for any signs of counterfeiting or fraudulent activity.
  • Geo-fencing Technology
    Geo-fencing technology is another critical component of Acviss's strategy to ensure product authenticity and protect coffee farmers. This technology establishes virtual perimeters or "geo-fences" around specific geographic areas, such as coffee farms, processing facilities, or retail locations. Within these geo-fenced areas, Acviss can implement targeted authentication and enforcement measures to ensure the integrity of the coffee supply chain.

Is Blockchain the Only Path for Traceability?

While blockchain offers transparency, scalability, and immutability, it's not the only solution:

Centralized Traceability Systems

Centralized traceability systems represent a practical and often more affordable alternative to blockchain. These systems rely on a central authority or database to manage and track the movement of products through the supply chain. While they may not offer the same level of decentralization and security as blockchain, centralized systems can be highly effective for businesses with existing data management infrastructure.

Acviss Yellow Code

Acviss offers an advanced authentication technology known as Yellow Code. This technology provides a robust solution for ensuring product security without relying solely on blockchain.


  1. Non-Replicable Labels

  2. Tamper-Proof Design

  3. Easy Authentication

  4. Integration with Existing Systems

Acviss Empowers Brands & Farmers

Our solutions empower brands and farmers to thrive in the competitive coffee market:

1. Increased Authenticity: Boost brand trust and loyalty with genuine products.

2. Transparency: Provide consumers with transparent product information for informed choices.

3. Global Expansion: Simplify exports and comply with international standards for seamless market access.

Protecting Brands, Protecting the Future

As coffee markets expand globally, protecting brands becomes paramount:

  • Omnichannel Protection: Ensure consistent security measures across all sales channels, both offline and online.
  • E-commerce Readiness: Adapt to the growing e-commerce market with smart technology solutions.
  • Global Reach: Acviss facilitates exports to European markets with digital product tracking and advanced labels.

Join Acviss in Transforming Coffee Traceability

Partner with Acviss to revolutionize your coffee traceability efforts. Implement our solutions today for a future of authenticity, sustainability, and growth.

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