From Lamington Road in Mumbai and S.P. Road in Bangalore to the world of online shopping – the availability of non-genuine inks is an issue that brands like Epson are trying to tackle. But, is the fuss really something to consider? And, is there any real way to safeguard ourselves from using fake ink? Let’s have a look.

Non-Genuine Inks in Indian Market

Non-genuine inks are everywhere. But a little known fact is that – while some places offer non-genuine inks to consumers keeping them aware, many sell fake inks passing them off as genuine inks.

The suppliers of such inks duplicate the packaging of genuine inks while compromising completely on the quality. These unscrupulous merchants reproduce the bottles and packages in a manner that makes it very hard for consumers to identify and separate the genuine ones from the replicas.

Effects of using non-genuine printer inks

Warranty Void

The problem of using non-genuine inks is that once they are used, the printer warranty becomes invalid. It is very rare for Epson printers to run into problems, but that changes when duplicate ink products are used. An Epson printer is not built to work with substandard inks. It is likely to get spoilt and stop working. Therefore, duplicate inks are actually not cost-effective.

Lack of permanence

When non-genuine inks are used, it immediately reflects on the quality and speed of the prints. Genuine inks ensure outstanding quality prints while fake inks are known for fading and looking washed out. What we print should also last really long (permanence) and non-genuine inks defeat the purpose.

Increased consumption

Another common characteristic of non-genuine inks is their tendency to partially run out quicker than genuine inks, or clog print-heads. This is because fake inks don’t undergo multiple quality checks and rigorous manufacturing processes and hence are either more watery or thicker than the standard density required for accuracy in printing.

Seiko Epson Corporation’s effort to curb the non-genuine ink menace

If non-genuine inks are so damaging, why hasn’t anything been done to stop their distribution? The reality is that a lot has been and is continuously being done. Seiko Epson Corporation (SEC) conducts regular raids with police authorities to seize duplicate inks.

From April 2017 to June 2018, there were a total of 25 raids across India against the dark business of non-genuine inks.

Raids are being carried out in several states including all major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna etc.
Additionally; Epson has invested heavily in technology like Acvisss, which are equipped with QR codes that can be scanned by users to check for counterfeit inks and identify genuine inks.

How to check if the inks for Epson printers are genuine or not?

Identifying genuine consumables from Epson is very simple. Just download the Acviss app – AndroidAcviss app – iOS. Acviss app is a well-known app to scan fake products. Using the app scan the Acviss on the pack to know if an Epson consumable is genuine or non-genuine. You can also buy genuine consumables from

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